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Civic Museum of Maglie The Civic Museum of Maglie was founded in 1960 and moved, in 1999, to the current premises, a splendid house dating back to the beginning of the twentieth century where, along with the town Library, open in 1666, it forms the city cultural complex called Alca. It is the only Museum in Southern dedicated exclusively to the reconstruction of prehistoric paintings of the entire Salento territory. The new location has powered some areas as the geology of the territory and human evidence of prehistoric times. To these now classical sections an ethnographic section, rich of precious African art objects has been added. Provided with spaces for didactics, small events and temporary exhibitions, the Museum of Maglie is characterised by its educational services that attract groups of schoolchildren every year arriving even from outside the Salento area, university groups and scholars of the sector, and the Museum also offers theme excursions on the territory for tour groups and associations.
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